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March 27 to September 30, 2007

Poster of the exhibit
Barbie's Thousand and one Lives

Barbie is a registered trademark by MATTEL. Inc. All rights reserved.

Photos by Jean Dalmard

_____The exhibit_____

The new temporary exhibit of the Musée de la Poupée-Paris is dedicated to Barbie® in her thousand and one activities and vocations.

Barbie®, born in 1959, has always followed the current trends, offering little girls a model to project themselves into the games and elaborate stories with various scenarios.

We all know Barbie® as a princess but she has also been a doctor, a veterinarian, a school teacher, a champion equestrian, a fashion star Did you know astronaut Barbie® walked on the moon and appeared in a military uniform while serving her country in the army?

cours de danse
Cycle moderne, femme d'affaire
Barbie et Shelly gourmandise

Organized with the help of Mattel France, this exhibit presents about 200 Barbie® dolls shown in settings with furniture and accessories that recall the real life situations of that icon of the 20st century.

You will discover : « Shopping with friends», « Window-shopping on avenue Montaigne », « The fashion show », « The top model photo call», « On winter sports », « Barbie® in her travels », « The ballet rehearsal», « A song recorded in the studio », « Barbie® marvelous movie star », « At the hospital », « Attentive veterinarian », « At home», « Barbie®, perfect cook», «Children’s birthday», « Fairy tale princess », « Champion equestrian», « A yachting cruise », « At the beach», «School teacher », « Student »

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_____ Barbie an absolute icon_____

Barbie® has become along time a symbolic doll.
A fashion doll always in fashion, she has a typical silhouette and is immediately recognizable : incredibly long legs, beautifully styled hair, a sophisticates smiling face perfectly made up. She was inspired by Lili, a comics character promoted by the Bild Zeitung magazine in Germany in the 1950’s. Barbie® was introduced in 1959 at the New York Toy Fair. She was named Barbie which is the nickname of Barbara, the daughter of Ruth Handler, the creator of the doll.  She appears in France in 1963.

A billion doll sold since her creation, 4.6 million doll sold each year in France, Barbie® nearly reached 4 generations of woman and remains the favorite doll of little girls today.

From her inception, Barbie® has reflected fashions and sociological trends : the model young girl in 1960’s, the peace and love philosophy of the 1970’s, the modern woman combining work and family in the 1980’s, cosmopolitan and militant woman of the 1990’s, and the haute couture icon at the beginning of the 21st century.

Barbie® is a reflection of her time and a quintessential star, synonymous with beauty and seduction. Her success is due to her various facets. She projects the child in every role of her life while representing the dream.

Barbie® adapts to children’s games, from puzzles to plays, from princess play and role games, from the discovery of the charming prince to the exploration of adults’ world in miniature, from socializing toy to collectible object.

Barbie Best model

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_____Barbie's jobs since 1959_____

Barbie® ‘s personality appears through all her roles. She wears the outfits of the ladies from the generation she passes through.
She represents the active, modern and citizen woman.
Since 1959, Barbie® has had more than 90 different roles, such as :

Création Armani

Championne Olympique

Hotesse de l'air et pilote

Nouvelle star
Western chic

1959 : top model
1961 : dancer, nurse, airline attendant
1963 : university graduate
1965 : astronaut, fashion editor, university teacher
1973 : surgeon
1975 : Olympic athlete, skier, ice skater, gymnast
1984 : aerobic teacher
1985 : businesswoman, designer, TV reporter, veterinarian, teacher
1986 : rock star, astronaut
1988 : doctor
1989 : UNICEF ambassador, Army officer
1990 : US Air force pilot, rock star, diplomat
1991 : marine officer
1992 : marine sergeant, rap music player, rollerblade skater, professor, doctor, US presidential  candidate
1993 : police officer, military doctor, baseball player
1994 : astronaut, pediatrician
1995 : Schoolteacher, lifeguard
1996 : veterinarian, engineer
1997 : dentist, paleontologist
1998 : Olympic ice skating champion
1999 : airline pilot
2000 : Olympic champion, president of the USA
2002 : pediatrician, railroad hostess
2003 : pediatrician
2004 : pediatrician
2005 : veterinarian, ballerina
2006 : Schoolteacher, veterinarian, doctor

(These dates correspond to the American market)

Clic to see a film on the exhibit
film of the exhibit

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Around the exhibit...

Special exhibit workshop for children "A dress of your dreams for your Barbie doll"

Workshops to make a dress for a Barbie doll are scheduled, every Wednesday, for children from 2 to 12 years old. Children will be able to visit the museum and get inspired from the outfits presented in the exhibit before the workshop.

With reservation 01 42 72 73 11

"Draw a new occupation for Barbie" Drawing contest

If you like to draw, and if you like Barbie, you should participate in our contest by sending a drawing of a new occupation for Barbie.

Tale sessions and educational tours of the museum for children - NEW !

The museum has set up educational tours especially for children to answer the questions about dolls and to allow them to touch the objects. Tale sessions are given on alternate Wednesday.

With reservation 01 42 72 73 11

Birthday party with dolls

Have your birthday party with your friends and dolls.
unguided tour with an educational questionnaire or educational tour + cake (not provided) + story time or workshop

Adjustable package with reservation 01 42 72 73 11.

NB : A birthday present will be offered by Mattel France to every child having his birthday at the museum during the exhibit  “Barbie®”’s thousand and one lives”

Workshop for adults : "A folding screen for Barbie" and "A table and chair for Barbie"

Adults also like Barbie. Workshops for making furniture at Barbie scale are given for them.

With reservation 01 42 72 73 11

How much is my doll worth ? Doll appraisals - NEW !

How much is my doll worth ? When was it been made ? When? By whom ?... M. Odin, director of the museum and specialist in dolls will answer publicly all your questions, on presentation of your doll after your visit to the museum.

With reservation 01 42 72 73 11

A specialized shop – bookstore

The Museum’s shop is open at the same time as the exhibition rooms, and is also available on this website.

Play dolls and collectible dolls, clothes and accessories, as well as a wide range of books and products are for sale. Barbie dolls and books will be available at the shop during the exhibit.

A doll hospital and appraisals

The Museum’s doll hospital repairs antique dolls, baby dolls, plush animals... and makes appraisals.
Veronique Derez, our doll doctor, is usually there on Thursday from 1 pm to 4 pm but you can come any other day for a free estimate of the repairs on presentation of the sick dolls or plush animal.

For appraisals and doll identity card, with charge, an appointment is required on presentation of the object.

A seamstress for dolls

The seamstress makes clothes, especially designed for your dolls.

Isabelle Banon, our seamstress, remains at your disposal on Thursday from 10 am to 6 pm to examine your projects.

Free estimate will be given on presentation of the doll to be dressed.

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