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January 29, 2005 to May 29, 2005

Bleuette and Becassine
Becassine, Bleuette and La Semaine de Suzette celebrate their 100th anniversary !

The children's magazine La Semaine de Suzette ••••••••••

cover from 1929

cover from 1950

The children’s magazine La Semaine de Suzette was created in 1905 by Henri Gautier when Church separated from State. The editor gave the tone before it was launched : « La Semaine de Suzette will be an entertaining complement to a religious and intellectual education ». The aim of the magazine was to entertain, amuse and educate through serial novels, tales, illustrated stories, games, contests, theatre plays, poetry, outdoor and indoor games, sewing works, cooking recepies… all while instilling civics, morality and charity. The magazine was issued on Thursday and for 55 years of publishing, from 1905 to 1960 (with a six years interruption during the World War II) La Semaine de Suzette has had several hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

« Suzette », the typical reader, was 8 to 18 years old with the majority being 10 to 15 years of age, many of whom studied in private courses. The girls were French speaking, sometimes living in the colonies or if they were abroad, they wanted to improve their French. The girls were mostly from The Catholic middle class and usually the daughters of doctors, engineers, lawyers or diplomats…At present, the former « Suzettes » have often kept their magazines and speak with nostalgia of their childhood dolls and a lot of them try to find again their sweet Bleuettes.

La Semaine de Suzette's dolls ••••••••••

Two characters particularly emerged among the Semaine de Suzette’s dolls : Bécassine and Bleuette.

••• Becassine

Becassine was born in 1905 from printer’s plate created at the last moment in order to settle the first issue of the Semaine de Suzette and only reappeared later in the magazine to please the readers’ requests. Jacqueline Rivière created this naive little Breton maid full of good will and energy and from 1913 the editor Maurice Languereau, known under the pseudonym Caumery, retook it. The main artist of this attractive character was Emile Joseph Porphyre Pinchon. Always on the same wave length with her time, Bécassine was an aviator, teacher, mountaineer, and, as soon as 1921 a nurse of the famous Loulotte.
From 1913 she was the subject of a series of 27 books drawn by Pinchon and written by Caumery, the first one being « Bécassine’s Childhood ». At present the editor Hachettes-Livres/Gautier-Languereau goes on publishing the original books and makes adaptations of the texts for children of various ages. First heroin of the feminine comic books, Bécassine has become a timeless myth. Her image was presented in several ways : dolls wearing her costume, stuffed cloth dolls and skittles by Reine Degrais as well as many items with her image on : umbrella’s handles, lamps, mechanical toys, ashtrays, key rings, stationary, figurines… She has also inspired the character of a movie, a famous song by Chantal Goya, and more recently, a cartoon.

••• Bleuette

Bleuette, the cherished doll of several generations of little girls, has worn a rich ready-to-wear wardrobe bought at the editor’s office or by mail. Other clothes made by the little girls themselves using the patterns published in La Semaine de Suzette column « Nous habillons Bleuette » could enrich her wardrobe. Mascot of the magazine offered as a free gift to the subscribers in 1905, it was produced by the SFBJ and measured 27 then 29 cm. It stopped being sold in 1960 at the same time as the magazine. It has been since then, a very coveted collectible object. Her extensive trousseau is collected with zeal and now the doll and her fashions have become the objects of many books. Today many former « Suzettes » look for the doll of their childhood with nostalgia and a new generation of collectors is in search of her amazing trousseau.The magazine distributed other dolls without being as successful as they were with Bleuette and Bécassine.

••• Benjamine

Benjamine, Bleuette’s little sister, born in 1926 and sold during a very short time.

••• Bambino

Bambino, her little brother with a baby body, born in 1928, measuring 25 to 27 cm, and wearing a rich wardrobe of infant fashions.

••• Bamboula

Bamboula, short-lived little black companion doll appeared on the occasion of the colonial exhibition in 1931.

••• Rosette

Rosette, Bleuette’s elder sister, measuring 35 cm, came with Bleuette from 1955 to 1960.

The centennial exhibit ••••••••••

On the occasion of the centennial of La Semaine de Suzette, the Musée de la Poupée celebrates in its new exhibit the dolls of this children’s magazine and more particularly the mythical Bécassine and the cherished Bleuette and her rich trousseau.
A thousand objects are presented coming from the Museum’s stock as well as private collections.

In addition to the dolls and their wardrobe, the exhibit will present issues of La Semaine de Suzette, original Bécassine’s books, antique and rare dolls, and unusual objects.

Becassine and skittles
by Reine Dégrais

by Reine Dégrais

Becassine made of latex foam
by Technigom

Bleuette with bisque heads


Bleuette with bisque heads

This exhibit is for everyone : yesterday's children nostalgic of the dolls of their childhood, fans of fashion and sewing, today's children fond of Becassine, comics amateurs, dolls and toys collectors…

Around the exhibit...

Guided tour

Samy Odin, director of the museum and designer of the exhibit, gives a guided tour of the exhibit.

Price (Museum + guided tour) : 8
with reservation 01 42 72 73 11

Saturday 14, May - 5PM
Please note to arrive 3/4 of an hour before the conference to have time enough to visit the Museum.

Tales for children : listen to Becassine's funny adventures !

After the visit of the museum, continue the trip in the world of childhood while listening to Becassine’s amazing adventures inspired by the original books by Caumery and Pinchon. Becassine will receive you in the middle of La Semaine de Suzette’s dolls to tell you her exploits…

Wednesday 4.30PM - with reservation 01 42 72 73 11
visit + tale, lasting about 1h30
For children from 6 to 10 years old

Workshops for children

Two workshops of one hour will be programmed for children from 6 to 10 years old about Bécassine and Bleuette. After the workshop the children can visit the Museum and the exhibit and meet again the heroines they have made.

A Bécassine paper doll to colour and cut out
Wednesday  February 9, and April 6,2005 from 1PM to 2 PM

A Bleuette jumping jack to set up and dress with paper
Wednesday March 9, 2005 and May 11, 2005 from 1PM to 2 PM

Price : 10 € (workshop + museum)
Material included
With reservation 01 42 72 73 11, limited number of children : 5 to 10

Adults sewing classes for Bleuette

Two sewing classes for Bleuette will be held by Mrs Mathilde Héritier, a remarkable doll seamstress.

• Half-day class: 2 kits made from La Semaine de Suzette’s patterns
Material included  - sewing set to be brought -
Kit 1 : 1922 n°9 dress made of 2 different fabrics
Kit 2 : 1922 n°34 warm travel outfit with a bobble hat
Sunday May 8, 2005 from 2PM  to 6PM
Price 90€

• One-day class : 3 kits made from La Semaine de Suzette’s patterns
Material included - sewing set to be brought -
Kit 1 : 1920 n°27 jacket + 1921 n° 44 strap dress + 1921 n°46 little cape
Kit 2 : 1928 n° 27 elegant dress + 1928 n° 39 ribbon hat
Kit 3 : 1929 n°24 flowered dress and overcoat/bolero + 1929 n°41 hat
Thursday May 5, 2005 from 10AM  to 5PM (lunch not included)
Monday May  9, 2005 from 10AM  to 5 PM (lunch not included)
Price: 140€

With reservation 01 42 72 73 11, limited number of person

Grandmothers' days : March 2, 5, 6, 2005

« Museum tour : pastime life and dolls related by grandma’ »

On the occasion of the grandmothers’ days we have drawn up a Museum tour for grandmothers with their grand children.
Dolls have always reflected the society and period in which they have been created. That’s why grandmothers are very good at explaining life in the time when they used to play with those toys. For children, the history of these toys told by such a close relative seems more concrete and exciting.
We have chosen to draw up a museum tour with a questionnaire on the Museum’s collections. It enables children to learn about the history of dolls and life in pastimes through their grandmother’s experience, knowledge and feelings.
This experience will contribute to strengthen comprehension and relationship between generations on the occasion of a nice visit at the Museum.

The questionnaire is available at the entrance of the Museum.

Publication of a reference book for collectors

« Bleuette : her original Gautier-Languereau fashions, 1905-1960 »
by Monique Couturier and Samy Odin

Rational directory of the Gautier-Languereau fashions for Bleuette; chronological classification of the novelties following the order of the catalogues; chapters related to each type of Bleuette doll with precise descriptions helping collectors to identify the authentic dolls.

400 pages – circa 2000 colour pictures – hardback cover  - 21 x 30cm  - 2000 French/English copies – Published by Musée de la Poupée-Paris – For sale at the  Museum’s shop or by mail – Issue date : April 3, 2005 – 95€ -

Contact in USA :
Doris Lechler - tel : 614 261 6659 – email :

Meeting with the authors and books dedications

On the occasion of the issue of the book “Bleuette : her original Gautier-Languereau fashions, 1905-1960” by Monique Couturier and Samy Odin, the Musée de la Poupée-Paris has organized a meeting with the authors of other books related to La Semaine de Suzette’s dolls and a book dedication session.

• Monique Couturier and Samy Odin for « Bleuette : her original Gautier-Languereau fashions
, 1905-1960 »
• Doris Anderson Lechler for her recently issued compilation “Bleuette her Gautier-Languereau ads and catalogues of fashions – 1905-1960”. This book is the ideal complement of the Museum’s new publication.
• Bernard Lehembre for « Bécassine, une légende du siècle » published on January 26, 2005.
• Colette merlen for “Bleuette, poupée de La Semaine de Suzette” vol 2
• Monique Chollet for “ Le trousseau de Rosette”
• Elisabeth Chauveau and Marie-Edith Charles from the CERP for « Nous habillons Bleuette 1923-1933 »
• Hélène Bugat-Pujol for « Bécassine éternelle », « Bleuette défile, 1940-1949 », « Bleuette résiste, 1940-1949 », « Le petit Bambino de Suzette », « Suzette gentille cousette »
• Anne-Marie Porot  for « Bambino »
• Albert Bazin for « Les chapeaux de Bleuette »

Sunday April 3, 2005 from 2PM to 4PM

A specialized shop – A book shop

The Museum’s shop is opened at the same time as the Museum and on this website.

You will find play dolls as well as collectible dolls, clothes and accessories and a wide range of books. Many items related to temporary exhibits are also available.


A doll hospital

The Museum’s doll hospital repairs antique dolls, celluloid babies, plushes and gives doll appraisals. The sewing shed makes clothes for dolls to measure.

Free estimate on repair costs made on presentation of the sick doll.

From June, 4 to September 25, 2005

Houseworks for dolls :
everyday life miniature objects

For more information, please clic on the tittle of the exhibit

From October 4, 2005 to January 15, 2006

Bye-byes baby :
babies and newborn dolls, 1855-2005

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