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Ken®, 50 ans d'un modèle masculin / a bonus exhibit

A hundred Ken dolls coming from private collections, as well as Mattel's, show the evolution of Barbie's irresistible boy friend.

1961 et 1962

Ken was first presented at the Toy Fair on March 11, 1961 in the USA. It is introduced as Barbie's boy friend. He is 30cm tall and has flocked hair that will soon be replaced by a molded version in blond or light brown.


Ken adopted a natural hair style with "rooted" hair that could be straight or curly and he could sport a moustache, a beard and even sideboards.


Ken "Super Star" wore overalls with a belt, glasses and jewlery. His hair were molded again. His face changed through time. At the beginning of the 70s he looked like Warren Beatty, at the end of the decade his face and hair cut looked like Robert Redford.


Ken "Sun Lovin" became a beach and surf addict. His skin was tanned and his hair molded. The athletic look was fashionable in those years, influenced by Malibu's beach more than from the big cities of the Est coast of the USA.


"Dream date Ken" wore an elegant tuxedo to date Barbie. From then on the soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty were the model with an urbain and yuppie touch. During the 90s until 2000 Ken continued to change with his era. In 2004 Barbie broke up with him. He came back five years later and he is still irresitible.


Ken and Barbie, together again, play in the Toy Story 3 movie. Ken, always elegant, shows a rich wardrobe that makes him a real fashion victim of our days.


His great novelty in 2011 : he reads in women's mind !

For his 50th birthday, "Ken paroles de rêves" records words that he can pronounce in three different ways : with your voice, with his own voice or with a high pitched voice, depending on the child's taste.


This exhibit has been set up thanks to private collectors and Mattel France.

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Barbie® et Ken® jouent les stars de tous les temps

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