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Baby-boom, the exhibit

Baby-boom : symbol of optimism, faith in future, social, technical, industrial and economic improvements. The dolls from that generation reflect all this and evoke childhood dreams.

Which grandmother doesn't want to show her grandchildren her childhood dolls ? The ones she had, those she lost and those she dreamed of ? The new temporary exhibit of the Musée de la Poupée offers them this opportunity.

The exhibit is dedicated to nostalgic baby-boomers and their children and grandchildren who played withgrandma's dolls. The exhibit will of course please collectors who look with these dolls, for the reflection of an optimistic era, a sewing project or simply childhood memories...

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Dolls from the baby-boom

Imagine you are walking from a stand to another through the 1950 Toy Fair, looking for the brand new dolls.They are all here : the chubby babies, the sweet little girls, the unbreakable bathing babies, the flexible dolls, the funny characters and even the glamorous fashion dolls.

main types of dolls produced during the baby-boom period :

all celluloïd or plastic babies that can be washed

soft body babies representing the little child

classic dolls with simplified articulation compared with the ones produced earlier

All the doll makers are there too : from Raynal to Nobel, from Bella to Gégé, from Petitcollin to Clodrey...Doesn't this take you back in time ? Nearly 60 French doll makers are presented in this exhibit with their best creations in mint condition.

Convert baby in a Nain Bleu box

Capi doll in her original box

Raynal baby

Petit Colin baby by Petitcollin

SFBJ doll

Mexican boy by Urika

Bella doll in her original box

Gégé doll in box

Françoise by SNF
Maréchal baby

Post World War children probably also remember the logos of the companies that produced the dolls of their dreams : the windmill for Convert, the eagle's head for Petitcollin, the little man for Birgé, the nice handwriting for Capi, Bella, Raynal....

Just after the war, the earlier dolls with traditional bisque head and articulated body competed with modern dolls made of celluloïd, plastic, latex foam...

This new generation of dolls also stood out with its new clothing style directly inspired by fashion. Christian Dior's New Look, among others, was immediatly adopted by dolls.
The nipped-in waist and the large skirts fitted them so well and made them so modern in comparison with their sister dolls produced before the war !
And the babies suddenly seemed much more free in their colored outfits made in brand new fabrics like tergal and artificial rayon...

The promoters of dolls

And there were also women's and children's magazines that heavily promoted dolls.

Who does not remember having read Modes & Travaux, Doigts Agiles, La Mode Pratique, Le Jardin des Modes... and which little girl doesn't remember La Semaine de Suzette, Lisette, Fillette, Mireille....?

Who did not turn over the pages of the new year's department stores' catalogues or did not dream in front of the Nain Bleu or Paradis des enfants' windows ? And the stationer shop ? Forgotten paper dolls could be admired there.

Some magazines promoting dolls during that period :

Department stores' catalogues :

The dolls distributed by women's and children's magazines have turned into coveted collectible items. Bleuette, Françoise, Annie, Lisette... stand in collectors showcases as well as the dolls still having the label of the shop or department store where they have been bought.

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New book / Catalogue of the exhibit

On the occasion of this exhibition, Samy Odin is publishing a new book on the dolls from the Baby-boom era. This book presents the production of dolls in France during that mythical period, give a wide list of the French doll makers as well as the magazines and shops that promoted those dolls.

Baby-bom, poupées françaises 1946-1959
Cahier N°2
By Samy Odin – (in French)
21 X 29,7 cm - 80 pages

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Around the exhibit...

NEW BOOK : "Baby-bom, poupées françaises 1946-1959"

On the occasion of this exhibit, Samy Odin is publishing a new book on the dolls from the baby-boom period.

" 1 Baby, 1 Moses basket " : workshop for children

Children from 5 years old, will make a little moses basket for a tiny baby. They will sew, stick decorations and make a panty for the baby in a new baby boom spirit

reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11

"When grandma was a little girl..." : story telling sessions

3 differents stories are given for children from 3 years old and their parents. A real fifties doll will take you back to the time when grandma was a little girl. Get comfortable, open yours ears and go back in time !

reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11

Educational session for children and families

Educational sessions are given for children from 5 and over and their parents. You will discover dolls, their history, their morphologies, their materials through handling dolls' parts from various periods.

reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11

"Have your birthday party with dolls" : birthday parties in the museum

Lets celebrate your birthday in an unforgettable way, inviting your friends with the dolls !

And you will also get a birthday present ! : the museum will offer a present to any child having his birthday celebrated at the museum.

unguided tour with an educational questionnaire or educational tour + cake (not provided) + story time or workshop
A la carte package, on Wednesday and Saturday
New offer ! a Sunday birthday : unguided tour + cake

reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11.

"Seminars on French doll makers from 1940-1959"

Samy Odin, director of the museum and doll expert will give a new series of seminars on French doll makers from 1940 to 1959. These 2 hours sessions will enable you to study dolls, from head to toes, and to understand their importance in each doll maker's history.

A Friday per month, reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11

How much is my doll worth ? Doll appraisals

How much is my doll worth ? When was it made ? How ? By whom ?... Samy Odin will appraise your dolls after your visit of the museum.

A Saturday per month, reservation required at 01 42 72 73 11

A specialized shop – bookstore

The Museum’s shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 6pm, and is also available on this website.

Play dolls and collectible dolls, clothes and accessories, miniatures as well as a wide range of books and products are for sale.

A doll hospital and appraisals

The Museum’s doll hospital repairs antique dolls, baby dolls, plush animals... and gives appraisals.
Veronique Derez, our doll doctor, is usually present 2 Thursdays/month from 2 pm to 4 pm but you can come from Tuesday to Saturday for a free estimate of the repairs on presentation of the sick dolls or plush animal.

For appraisals and doll identity card, with charge, an appointment is required on presentation of the object.

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