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March 27 to September 26, 2004

Poster of the exhibit
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Go back in time and travel through the history of costumes with the most irresistible top-model : Barbie..

Happy birthday Barbie

Born in New York on March 9 of 1959, Barbie is celebrating her 45th birthday.
Uncontested idol for the little girls, fashion mannequin used to display creations of the leading designers. This very coveted collectible, society phenomenon, and mythical doll that will never go out of fashion. Barbie remains THE inescapable fashion model to discover the history of costumes.
On the occasion of this anniversary, the Paris Doll Museum dedicates her an exhibit that goes back over 5 000 years of the history of costumes.

First Barbie dolls by Mattel, 1959

Vicking princess by Mattel, 2003
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Barbie exhibits 5 000 years of the history of costumes

About 200 Barbie dolls dressed by Claude Brabant or coming directly from Mattel’s collection will drive you from Eve to the Middle Ages, from French kings to the French revolution and the Empire and all the way long through the XIXth and XXth centuries.
From Barbie’s birth in 1959, you’ll discover the evolution of fashion, decade by decade up to the present time.

Claude Brabant, a keen of Barbie’s clothing

Claude Brabant has been interested in dolls since her childhood. She began to sew for her dolls when she was a little girl.
Once, she found a Barbie doll and she wanted to create clothes to the proper scale.
Today, her collection numbers 200 dolls. The costumes have been made from historical documents with a great attention to details and to the sewing techniques peculiar to each period. The choice of the materials and colours as well as the challenge of the miniature patterns took a very long time.
Her costumes, equivalent to a professional designer’s, show a real expertise and an unconditional love for the history of costumes.

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Alice au pays des merveilles- Julien Martinez
1900 outfit by Claude Brabant,
1960 Chanel outfit by Claude Brabant,
modern Barbie by Mattel, 2003

Victorian lady by Mattel

Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini
1950 evening dress by Claude Brabant

Gai parisienne by Mattel, 2003

Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini
1950 dress by Claude Brabant

Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini
1800 “la merveilleuse” by Claude Brabant

Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini Le Chat Botté - Eric Giovannini
Barbie at Trianon, Louis XVI period, by Claude Brabant

Middle ages costume by Claude Brabant

Napoleon period costume by Claude Brabant
Barbie cycle moderne collection Mattel 2003

Boucle d’Or - Pauline Bjonness Jacobsen Boucle d’Or
Denmark princess by Mattel, 2003, Modern Barbie by Mattel, 2003,
1950 evening dress by Claude Brabant
Marie-Antoinette at Versailles by Claude Brabant,
Modern Barbie by Mattel, 2003

Around the exhibit...

Lectures on Barbie

During the exhibit the museum provides lectures on Barbie :

• Barbie in France – by Eric Chatillon - Saturday 3/04/04 at 5PM
• Barbie, an inspiration to sewing – by Claude Brabant - Thursday 13/05/04 at 5PM
• Barbie, an inspiration to sewing – by Claude Brabant - Saturday 12/06/04 at 5PM

Admission (Museum + lecture) :
10 € - with reservation
Please arrive 3/4 of an hour before the lecture to have time to visit the Museum and the exhibit.

Listen to tales and stories

Take a trip through this childhood universe while listening to wonderful stories surrounded by Barbie dolls.

Wednesday 4.30PM, with reservation, lasting about 1 hour 30.
Admission (Museum + tales) : 10 € - 8 € - 7 €

A specialized shop – A book shop

The Museum’s shop is opened in conjunction with the Museum and is online at :
You will find dolls, as well as books on Barbie and fashion dolls in French and English.

Barbie is a registered trademark by Mattel Inc ; and conceded to Mattel France.
All rights reserved.

October 2004 - January 2005

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