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 Betting on Dolls

First Exhibition-Sale : September 24 - December 31, 2016 > Extra Time > January 14, 2017

Yes, yes, finally a museum that makes its objects available to the collectors!

The first Exhibition and Sale will begin the evening of September 23, 2016, and will present beautiful antique European dolls from the 19th and 20th centuries with values ranging between 150 and 15,000 euros. This selection of dolls and quality objects come from our reserves and from other private collections that have been entrusted to us so that they might be dispersed to a discerning clientele, who will appreciate the interest of the collection.

The exhibition will be filled by very diverse pieces for all budgets. In addition to dolls, there will also be offered accessories and furniture to scale, “pets” in fur and plush, tea sets, and clothing.

The principle is the same as that of a gallery: the first to arrive will be the first served and will have the best choice. The removal of objects can be done immediately after payment has been made. Payment delays are allowed, which will permit collectors who wish to do so to spread out their financing. Additionally, all buyers will receive reimbursement of their museum entry admission fee and, by private appointment, will have the opportunity to inspect the objects. Watch for our website www.https://boutique. where we will show the items available for sale online and their prices after September 27, 2016.

Who would not dream of being able to offer oneself an antique doll chosen from a museum and under the most favorable conditions, while taking the time to observe each object, to learn about its history, and to ponder the purchase with pleasure?

JPEG - 75.5 kb

This Bébé Bru from the Henri Chevrot period (1883-1889) in Size 7 has a stuffed leather body, wooden leather covered arms, head, forearms and shoulder plate in bisque, and lower legs of wood and composition. Her ballerina outfit is interesting because her slippers are original, her dress has been restored by a famous American antique dealer who replaced the original shredded silks, while conserving the lace and the spirit of the original dress. The blond mohair wig is also original.

JPEG - 136.3 kb

Blampoix fashion with bisque head, leather cork stuffed body, and fashionable mohair wig. Presented in an antique trunk, she is embellished with a trousseau composed of four silk outfits, created with great care by a skilled couturier in the style of the Second Empire. Beautiful witness of an opulent era, during which dolls played an essential role in learning to sew.

JPEG - 73.2 kb

During the Second Empire, the most luxurious dolls were often created in wax. These dolls with childlike proportions wore the same type of outfit as the first bisque head dolls. This model, circulated in France, has the characteristics of the celebrated doll belonging to Sophie, heroine of the novel “Sophie’s Misfortunes”, by the Comtesse de Segur. Her head and limbs are poured wax, her eyes are glass and her body stuffed cloth.

JPEG - 74.9 kb

An indispensable name in the history of French dolls of the 19th century is that of Jumeau. This articulated bébé from the 1880s measures 72 cm, a big size that allows an appreciation of the detailed sculpting of the face, the fine quality makeup, and the beauty of the eyes that the manufacturer called “human”. The human hair wig coiffed with large curls and the sailor costume make her a classic bébé of the era.

JPEG - 81.2 kb

JPEG - 79.1 kb

As early as 1909, under the influence of German makers, a new type of articulated baby with more expressive and varied faces appeared under the term “character.” The representation of the newborn was also enhanced. The playing child considered the baby as its child. This German baby by Franz Schmidt has in its arms a very rare baby doll from SFBJ, from mold 272 in Size 6.

• Small selection of dolls

JPEG - 95.6 kb
Bru bébé, 15000€
JPEG - 109.6 kb
Bébé Jumeau, 3650€
JPEG - 119 kb
Poupée de cire, 2450€
JPEG - 124.7 kb
Poupon Catterfelder, 390€ et Bye-lo baby par Grace Putnam, 450€
JPEG - 108.4 kb
Parisienne avec trousseau, 4750€
JPEG - 111.7 kb
Bébé Jumeau E13J, 6950€

• Dolls available on our website


• A few pictures of the exhibition-sale

JPEG - 74.4 kb
JPEG - 81.4 kb
JPEG - 63 kb
JPEG - 60.3 kb

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