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 Dolls from the 80s

Dolls from the 80s

Exhibit from April 1 to September 15, 2017


Flash back exhibit in the universe of dolls from the 80s. This is a period of amazing esthetic contrats, from the black rock/gothic outfits to the new romantic pastel colors, from stylish working girl clothes with large shoulder pads like in Dynasty, to the flashy sports outfit like in Gym Tonic, heavy make up to elaborated hairstyle to the rhythm of disco or new wave music. The 30 years old will remember all their memories and will be able to show their children that in terms of dolls there is no ending.

JPEG - 36 kb
Jem et les hologrammes, Hasbro
JPEG - 52.9 kb
Marie d’O
JPEG - 47.1 kb
Sindy, Pedigree

JPEG - 37.5 kb
Barbie et Ken, Mattel
JPEG - 34 kb
Véronique et vêtement Pierre Cardin, Effe
JPEG - 42.4 kb
Darling, Famosa

The exhibit presents classic babies and dolls by Corolle, Marie-Françoise and other Modes & Travaux dolls along with their rich trousseau, Barbie Dallas or Disco, Tressy with the magic hair lock, Sindy the teenage doll, Nancy the teenager, the manly Big Jim and Action Man, the soft My child, the gourmet world of Charlotte aux fraises, the miniature universe of Polly Pocket, the funny Cabbage Patch…

JPEG - 48.1 kb
Hermine, Corolle
JPEG - 46.8 kb
Emilie, Modes & Travaux, Petitcollin
JPEG - 51 kb
Nancy, Famosa

JPEG - 42.4 kb
Bella 31-14, Bella
JPEG - 39.2 kb
Sindy, Pedigree
JPEG - 28.4 kb
Barbie Dallas, Mattel

JPEG - 41.1 kb
Charlotte aux fraises, Meccano
JPEG - 45.3 kb
My child, Mattel
JPEG - 66.5 kb
Polly Pocket, Bluebird Toys

Here are some of the dolls from the 80s made of plastic with outfits inspired by those from that period with pastel, multicolor or flahy colors along with trendy accessories like roller skates, walk man…

Concerning morphologies, that period is very rich too: feminin and sexy fashion dolls, muscled masculin fashion dolls, beautiful classic dolls, gender babies, romantic or hippy cloth dolls, caricature dolls, pocket dolls…

JPEG - 34.7 kb
Barbie et Skipper tennis, Mattel
JPEG - 38.5 kb
Barbie et Ken Crystal, Mattel
JPEG - 42.9 kb
Barbie et Skipper, Mattel

JPEG - 116.1 kb
Bella 31-14, Bella
JPEG - 29 kb
Sindy Mac Do, Pedigree
JPEG - 58.9 kb
Sindy, Pedigree

JPEG - 36.4 kb
Héloise, Corolle
JPEG - 61.4 kb
Nouveau-né, Corolle

JPEG - 48.9 kb
poupées de Modes & Travaux, Petitcollin
JPEG - 43.6 kb
Poupées de Modes & Travaux, Petitcollin

JPEG - 46.5 kb
Charlotte aux fraises, Meccano
JPEG - 46.4 kb
Charlotte aux fraises
JPEG - 56.8 kb
Holly Hobbie

A few step in the exhibit…

JPEG - 91.2 kb
JPEG - 83 kb

JPEG - 119.3 kb
JPEG - 109.3 kb

JPEG - 85.3 kb
JPEG - 72.3 kb


Fashion designer to become bring their naked Barbie ™ doll, customize a dress and go back with their doll dressed in a one of a kind outfit!
> Every Wednesday 2.30pm - 14€ (museum included) - reservation required 01 42 72 73 11…

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