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Permanent Galleries: more than 500 antique and collectible dolls until Sept 15, 2017!

Dear friends, visitors, doll lovers who have been following us for so many years, time has come to tell you that our museum will close down for good in a few months.

It’s precisely in order to save our company that we decided not to rent the building Impasse Berthaud anymore, as it is no longer fitting European security standards. Moreover, our small private firm, that doesn’t get any public or private funds, has seen a major decrease in visitors since the 2015 terrorist attacks.

So, let’s be creative! For the future, we are considering various options but be certain we will choose the best one in order to continue our activities within the doll community that we enjoyed energizing for more than two decades.

Our permanent collections and the current temporary exhibition ‘Dolls from the Eighties’ will close their doors next September 15. Our shop and doll hospital will remain open until September 23, the last day of our last special sale where everyone will be able to choose from our treasures for very little prices.

During September and October, you will still be able to buy new and second hand items from our website: [https://boutique.museedelapoupeepar…] that we plan to transform in the following months as well.

We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities to treat yourself with a last visit to our permanent collections and discover our unique thematic exhibit or get tempted by the numerous items available in our shop. For those who wish to remain informed of our activities, please send us your contact by email to You will be the first informed of the changes we are envisioning.

Looking forward to seeing you during these last months at Impasse Berthaud Best regards

Guido and Samy Odin, co-owners

Permanent Galleries Redesigned

Established in June 1994 at the end of a small flowery alleyway mere steps from the Pompidou Centre, this private museum is located in the heart of the historic toy district, home to the oldest manufacturers of novelties and children’s toys.

The revised permanent exhibits contain more than 500 dolls created from 1800 to 1959, in the original sets used in 1994, signed by Italian artist Giò Golia (1906-1992).

These four permanent galleries address the history of Western dolls in a way such that visitors, whatever their age, gender or specific interest in the topic, will be amply rewarded.

A “discovery game” enables children to learn about the dolls’ that belonged to their ancestors. Adults ask questions focusing on key objects that help to explain this universal toy’s evolution. A free audio guide is available for the adults that will rediscover their childhood memories, as well as those of their parents and grandparents, thereby developing an appreciation of how these toys reflect civilization’s progression. Lovers and collectors of toys transcend the dolls’ immediate physical nature as objects and appreciate them in the context of history.

Free museum audioguide

The Museum offers a free audioguide in French and English by Samy Odin, founder of the museum.…

How does it work? It’s very easy:
download the app izi.TRAVEL on your smartphone before your visit and listen to Samy Odin telling you about the story of the museum, dolls and also the museum shop, the dolls and plush hospital, activities…

This app is free and also works out of connection and is available on App Store, Google play and Windows Phone Store.

To see films about the museum…

Permanent rooms of the museum

Room 1

The XIXth Century

Room 2

The begining of the XXst Century

Room 3

The XXst Century (inter-war period)

Room 4

the XXst Century (Post WWII)


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